Helicopter Float Cylinder Recharge

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Helicopter Float Cylinder Recharge

Helicopter Float Cylinder Recharge | Gulf Land Fire Safety Services Inc - Lafayette, LA

Whether they’re for utility purposes or for emergencies only, the float cylinders on your helicopter need to be in top condition if they are going to keep your aircraft afloat. Navigating and landing a helicopter in water is challenging enough without damaged or deflated float cylinders. Check yours today with the comprehensive helicopter float cylinder recharge services offered to the Lafayette, LA area by Gulf Land Fire Safety Services Inc.

Helicopter float cylinders should be checked before and after each flight. Guarantee your float cylinders are in working order with a helicopter float cylinder recharge. In our recharge process, we first test your cylinders with hydrostatic testing to test the strength and durability of your float cylinders. If the vessel is sound, we will proceed with the helicopter float cylinder recharge.

Recharging the helicopter float cylinder means we empty the cylinder of all the compressed gasses within. If there is any water that has gathered inside the cylinder, we drain it out and make sure the cylinder is completely dry. Then, we re-fill the cylinder with compressed nitrogen or helium, depending on if your floats are utility or emergency. This process ensures that the helicopter will get the most buoyancy out of the float cylinders.

Over time, water absorption and gas leaks can cause the cylinder to decompress, resulting in faulty floats and potentially fatal situations. The best way to avoid an emergency is to check your cylinders with our helicopter float cylinder recharge. Our experts at Gulf Land Fire Safety Service Inc will ensure your float cylinders are properly inflated, so that you can enjoy a stress-free and safe flight.